Week One, Introduction to Group Publishing Project

Posted on March 3, 2010


This is my first blog post for Advanced Editing for Digital Media. In the next few weeks I will continue to focus on the online publishing world but also link this to our upcoming group project on web publishing.
Our first group discussion resulted in many ideas being put forth, as most of the people in the group had various interests and hobbies. It is crucial therefore to find a common theme that we could focus on, and the idea of ‘outdoor events/activities’ popped up. I think this is great, since having a niche topic (but one that appeals to a broad audience) is key to creating a successful website.

City guides are quite common – such as Threethousand and Fitzroyalty. These websites are act as specific guides – the former focusing on subcultural Melbourne whilst the latter on events in Fitzroy. Websites such as these can be helpful when thinking about the project.